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Table of Single Malt Whiskies

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These are the Single Malts that we have at home currently and that we like to taste and evaluate carefully. Sitting in the winter garden, above us the dark sky with moon and stars or clouds, raining or snowing.
Some good whisky books and some Single Malt tasting glasses on the table... and in the glasses? Three or four different Singles selected from the table below, waiting to be enjoyed.

Currently I have some Riedel Single Malt glasses of the VINUM and SOMMELIER series, and,
even more interesting, I have a series of tasting glasses, made by Thom Feichtner while my wife and me were present, and my wife tested each variation of the evolving form of the glasses, until all smelling and tasting components developed fully and harmonically.
This glass-making session was quite an experience, even though I was not allowed to taste (I had to drive the car) but I did nose and it was great.

In the meantime we have tasted most of our collection out of the new glasses, and we think that the different glasses make up an experience of its own. I think the influence on nose is more important than that on taste.

We also experimented with adding water, dropwise and more, and found this not to be an exciting thing. (Maybe our water is not good enough.) We will stay with the pure-whisky drinking style... no water, no ice, no anything.

Score Values

Score ratings are of course very subjective and may change from day to day. You might have quite different experiences. Therefore the mentioning of score ratings is rather controversy - but then, I still like to discuss such numbers, meaningful or not!
Here, 0 means awful and 100 means the absolutely best.
The MJ reference score was taken from the book:
"Michael Jackson's Malt Whisky Companion"

My advice:

  1. Don't take the numbers serious, don't take offend, just be encouraged to taste the whiskies again yourself and see how you would score each...
  2. Any Single Malt is simply very good in its own way! They are "Single" Malts, in this sense too.

Click on the name of a whisky in the table below to go to its page.

No. Name Age, Spec. Origin M.Jackson score am Score rm Score
1 Aberlour 10 years Speyside (Highlands) 83 80 85
2 Ardbeg 10 years 46% Islay 85    
3 Balvenie 12 years Double Wood Speyside 87   80
4 Balvenie 15 years Single Barrel 47.8% Speyside 85    
5 Bowmore Legend Islay (Loch Indaal) 80 85 100
6 Bowmore 12 years Islay (Loch Indaal) 87   100
7 Bunnahabhain 12 years Islay (North Shore) 77 70 75
8 Bushmills Malt 10 years Ireland 75 80 70
9 Caol Ila 1988-2002 (14 years) Islay      
10 Cardhu 12 years Speyside (Highlands) 72 75 80
11 Cragganmore 12 years Speyside (Highlands) 90 75 70
12 Glen Deveron 12 years Speyside (Highlands) 75 70 70
13 Glen Garioch 15 years 43% Highlands (Eastern Speyside) 79 85 85
14 Glen Grant   Speyside (Highlands) 74 65 55
15 Glen Keith 10 years Speyside (Highlands) 73    
16 Glen Ord 12 years Nothern Highlands 75 95 80
17 Glendronach 15 years Sherry Speyside (Eastern Highlands) 79 85 95
18 Glenfarclas 12 years Speyside (Highlands) 87    
19 Glenfiddich Special Reserve Speyside (Highlands) 75 85 70
20 Glenfiddich Solara 15 years Speyside (Highlands) 78   80
21 The Glenlivet 12 years Speyside (Highlands) 85 85 80
22 The Glenlivet 18 years 43% Speyside (Highlands) 87    
23 Glenmorangie 10 years Northern Highlands 80 80 75
24 Glenrothes 1987-1999 (12 years) Speyside (Highlands) 82 75 80
25 Highland Park 12 years Orkney Islands 90    
26 Isle of Jura 10 years Isle of Jura (Highlands) 72    
27 Knockando 1985 14 years Speyside (Highlands) (76)    
28 Lagavulin 16 years Islay (South shore) 95 90 100
29 Laphroaig 10 years Islay (South shore) 86 80 95
30 Loch Lomond   Western Highlands     65
31 Royal Lochnagar 12 years Eastern Highlands 83 70 70
32 The Macallan 12 years Speyside (Highlands) 91 90 95
33 Redbreast 12 years Ireland      
34 Strathisla 12 years Speyside (Highlands) 80    
35 Talisker 10 years Isle of Skye 90 95 95
36 The Tyrconnell five stars Ireland 74 70 75
37 Armorik   Bretagne, France     70
38 Glen Breton 43% Nova Scotia, Canada     40

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As you can see I like the Islay whiskies most, and I dream of getting a bottle of Ardbeg some time. From all the books I conclude that Ardbeg should be even more "Islay" than Lagavulin...

Late Night Whisky

Cardhu and Cardhu

My wife, our tomcat Cardhu, and a glass of Cardhu (really!). Sorry for that underexposed picture, but

  1. it was late and I was tired,
  2. this is an available-light-shot because a flashlight would have destroyed that great moment and finally
  3. my digital camera is really primitive, I am waiting for someone to give me a better one... ;-)


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