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QTVR (QuickTimeVirtualReality) movies

QTVR is a QuickTime technology for presenting 3D scenes and objects in such a way to let the users control their view directly via their pointing device.
While it is not easy to make panoramic QTVR scenes, the other kind, the so-called object QTVR movies, are not hard to do oneself.
For viewing you will need the QuickTime plug-in and the QTVR-component extension, or you can download the binary and view it with a QTVR viewer application. All those components are available for Macintosh and Windows platforms, Unix platforms will follow (my interpretation of Apple's WWW pages).

For high bandwidth access try this

version of this page with embedded QTVR objects

trac GIF
This is my first QTVR object movie
showing a "Märklin metall" construction. You can turn it horizontally up to 360° and more. (495K)

door GIF
A detail from our "Ruine": a small secret stone door in an old wall à la MYST. (401K)
Note: At least for my setup (Mac System 7.5, QT 2.5, Netscape 3.0) I have to click repeatedly on the arrows in this QTVR movie instead of continuously in order to rotate the object. Otherwise, when holding down the mouse button, Navigator pops up a menu instead of passing the event to the QT plug-in.

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