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QTVR (QuickTimeVirtualReality) movies

This page shows embedded QTVR objects

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QTVR is a QuickTime technology for presenting 3D scenes and objects in such a way to let the users control their view directly via their pointing device.
While it is not easy to make panoramic QTVR scenes, the other kind, the so-called object QTVR movies, are not hard to do oneself.
For viewing you will need the newest versions of the QuickTime plug-in and the QTVR-component extension. Those components are available for Macintosh and Windows platforms, Unix platforms will follow (my interpretation of Apple's WWW pages).

This is my first QTVR object movie showing a "Märklin metall" construction. You can turn it horizontally up to 360° and more. (495K)

A detail from our "Ruine": a small secret stone door in an old wall à la MYST. (401K)
Note: At least for my setup (Mac System 7.5, QT 2.5, Netscape 3.0) I have to click repeatedly on the arrows in this QTVR movie instead of continuously in order to rotate the object. Otherwise, when holding down the mouse button, Navigator pops up a menu instead of passing the event to the QT plug-in.

Now I have remade the above movie in color, using a standard camcorder and the Video-In input of my Performa 5300.

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