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Mar 8, 2002
Finally secunda RPG (my new role playing game) is on the web ready for downloading.
Sept 12, 2001
Many new large format (8x10') photographs uploaded.
August 18, 2001
Five new single malts registered.
July 5, 2001
My new LF camera back construction formicula 3 (8x10).
May 15, 2001
Preview of my new hot game project secunda.
Dec 26, 2000
Updated the whisky pages, new Single Malts added.
October 31, 2000
My PhD dissertation is accessible here in gzipped Postscript format now.
October 30, 2000
New MATRIX of LF images.
October 25, 2000
Brand new Large Format color slides site.
October 25, 2000
Brand new Large Format B/W prints site.
October 25, 2000
Updated the photo and gallery pages.
October 9, 2000
New page counters.
August 22, 2000
Updated the KYTRON page. Now all circuits are back online, and as a first-timer, the 4500 control software scanned from hand-written listing was added.
July 11, 2000
Updated the whisky pages, new Single Malt added.
June 11, 2000
Updated the whisky pages, concerning the tasting glasses.
April 19, 2000
My wife helped me fix my guestbook, which apperently was defunct since February.
February 24, 2000
I updated my fine whisky web page.
December 10, 1999
The two youngest members of "arTm & friends" have created a super ALURWE hiphop song (coded in MP3).
December 2+3, 1999
The first try to revitalize the railroad photo gallery. Also the galleries are much faster loading now, due to JPEG-6 re-encoding. And finally, the photo gallery is now complete again.
December 1, 1999
New site map created using MindMapping (MindManager 3.5).
November 26, 1999
The whisky page is almost ready.
November 22, 1999
I am in the process of building a small fine whisky web page. An early view is available already.
November 15, 1999
This page informs you about the change history and the news of my site.
November 11, 1999
New page about how to do your own KYTRON.
Ideas and links for your own mobile robot projects.
This was always the most frequent question about my KYTRON page: How can I do my own? Now there are some answers.
November 1999
Geocities once again increases memory limit to 15 MB!
Thank you! More space for even more contents!
November 1999
New color KYTRON movie clips made with QuickcamPro.
October 1999
New color MRR scale Z movie clips made with QuickcamPro.
August 1999
Opening a second base at Geocities TimesSquare/Arena/7985/.
Now most of my old stuff, and some new, is online again.
The one exception is the gallery of my railroad images, which is still missing.
July 22, 1999
New page counters throughout my site.
June 1999
Rehosting my site from to Geocities SoHo/Suite/7013/.
I had to reduce the memory size from whopping 80 MB to 11 MB by reducing files using new compressors, eliminating redundant stuff, and (sad to say) by dropping some good contents too.
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