linux )( experience

)( equipment

the list is ordered from the necessary to the more comfortable items.

while the hardware costs $$$ all the software is free (even open-source)!

of course this is only one out of hundreds of combinations of free software suitable for )(.

because my notebook has plenty of usb connectors but no serial comm port i have to use a gps-mouse with usb-adapter costing extra. and the linux kernel must support the serial2usb feature. i use a gm-210 gps device by holux. my notebook is a x5 force with integrated wlan module.

my )( opinion

ethical wardriving only:
do not break into networks.
do not crack encrypted data.
there is enough room to have )( fun and stay legal at the same time.

(interesting enough: win xp breaks into foreign wlans by default - who sues M$?)

on the road

driving to graz with wardriving equipment activated


new: i have written a )(-mini-howto which may be useful for beginners.

(my result maps are no longer accessible to the public. sorry.)

my favorite )( links

austrian )( site

other austrian )( site

large german )( site

hot swiss )( site

hip french )( site

my wlan internal mini-usb module

GemTek mini-USB internal WLAN module

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linux for war)(driving

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