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Table of Large Format bw9x12: Images

These are some of my Large Format bw9x12: Images I made with my LF cameras.
I scanned those at 600 dpi, then reduced to 1152x870 pixels for screen viewing and to 360x272 as previews.
All images of this site are copyrighted material - "rudolf mittelmann © 1979-2006" - All rights reserved.

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No. Name Date Icon Camera Lens Exposure f-Stop Film
1 Angelika 2.6.1987 Icon bw9x12/001 Orion Helioplan 5,4/135 1/25 16 Tri-X-Pan Prof.
4 Impossible Object 25.7.1987 Icon bw9x12/004 Orion Helioplan 5,4/135 1/2 36 Tri-X-Pan Prof.
5 Minimundus in Klagenfurt: 24.8.1987 Icon bw9x12/005 Orion Helioplan 5,4/135 1/125 32 Tri-X-Pan Prof.
9 Dangerous Legs 27.6.1990 Icon bw9x12/009 Orion Helioplan 5,4/135 1/10 22 Tri-X-Pan Prof.
10 Thomas 27.6.1990 Icon bw9x12/010 Orion Helioplan 5,4/135 1/25 16 Tri-X-Pan Prof.

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