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1. Coffee (Big Black)
A big cup of coffee made of 9g beans of "Jambo".
May be sweetened with sugar.
2. White Coffee (Big Brown)
A big cup of coffee with a dash of coffee cream or milk*.
May be also enjoyed sweetened.
3. Ruin-Coffee

A big warmed cup. First third made up of two espressos.
Second third is heated milk. Top third is milk-foam.
Decorated with chocolate powder. Sweeten as you like.
This is our favorite!
4. Cafe con leche *

A big warmed cup with a small Black.
Filled up with heated milk at the same rate. Perfected by a spoon of milk-foam.
May be also enjoyed sweetened.
5. Cappuccino *

A big cup of strong coffee.
Filled up with hot milk and much milk-foam.
Decorated with a bit of grated black chocolate or cocoa.
Sweetened with one to two coffee-spoons of sugar.
6. Espresso

A small cup of strong coffee.
Sweetened with at least two cubes of sugar.
7. Espressos amore

For lovers: Two Espressos served in the
Rosenthal "Cupola Love-Cups" Espresso-double-cup.
8. Einspänner '
A Black served in a glass with lots of whipped cream.
9. Fiaker +'
A Black served in a glass,
with a dash of rum and lots of whipped cream.
10. Melange *'
Coffee with much milk and topped with whipped cream.
Addition "light" for much milk,
"dark" for less milk.
11. Franziskaner *'
Melange decorated with cocoa or grated chocolate.
12. Kaisermelange °
A Black mixed with honey whisked egg yolk.
13. Kapuziner
A big Black with a dash of milk* or cream.
14. Kapuziner verkehrt *
The other way round:
A big cup of milk with a dash of strong coffee.
15. Café Amaretto +
A Black or Brown with a dash of Amaretto
16. Konsul
A Black mixed with a little bit cold water.
17. Maria Theresia +
A small Black with orange-liqueur.
18. Mariloman +
A hot Black with cognac.
19. Mazagran +
Sweetened strong coffee cooled with ice mixed with Maraschino and rum.
20. Obermeyer
Hot big Black topped
with cold cream, not stirred.
21. Obers gespritzt
Coffee cream with a dash of black coffee.
98. "gespritzt" +
General term for combinations of coffee and alcohol.
Exception: "Obers gespritzt"
99. Lauf
Penalty for people, who only order "a coffee"...
Or even worse a "regular coffee"...
Coffee and milk, whatever's running in...

101. Honey-milk *
A mug of milk heated and sweetened with honey.
102. Cocoa-Drink *
A mug of milk heated with cocoa-powder.
103. Knickebein °+
Vanilla-liqueur mixed with a egg yolk.
104. Sri Lanka Tea

A mug filled with a fair traded hot tea. Golden infusion, fine-harsh flavor. BFOP-quality.

The meaning of the signs:

A drink is available in the "Ruine" if...

* ...fresh milk is available.
' ...the cream is not used up.
° ...eggs and the cook are at home.
+ ...the alcoholics collection is not emptied.

Angelika and Rudolf